An interesting life

I don't see a lot of movies

And the movies I do see, I see almost exclusively on the little screen. I saw all kinds of movies this week and, since I was alone, I watched nothing that didn't entertain me.

On Saturday I saw The Sweetest Thing which despite its mostly unnecessary raunchiness was pretty good. Also, it featured two Diane Warren songs in the same two minutes, thus adding muster to my theory from the night before that every movie in the world contains a Diane Warren song. And, Michael Bolton and Celine Dion probably light candles in homage to her. They should.

Sunday, I watched Marty with Ernest Borgnine, Enough with Jennifer Lopez, Real Women Have Curves, and Crush with Andi McDowell. Crush had an interesting soundtrack, including not one but TWO Nick Drake songs and Fairport Convention (Sandy Denny, at any rate). And I'll probably, some day, buy RWHC and ST on DVD.